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    You want to use your time, skills, and voice to advance the mission of From the Ground Up. You are tired of organizations that give handouts (or take the easy road). You want to pursue lasting change in the lives of coffee growers. You love tasty, delicious black beverages (suggested, not required). We would love your help, your creativity, and suggestions!


At Origin Location

Value Chain consultant

Assess the current state of coffee in the surrounding area to develop an in-depth understanding of the sector and relevant issues. Produce a thorough analysis of the area’s value chain from growth issues, processing, transporting, certifications, to export. Conduct detailed analysis of the capacity, cost structure and key opportunities for each segment in the chain. Finally, recommend how to increase the competitiveness of the industry and specific opportunities for the coffee smallholders of the area.

Small Business Development

Work within the coffee cooperative to assess community finance structure. Train community members on key financial strategies such as savings, credit and loan options, and long-term investing. Work with individual families to develop short-term and long-term financial plans.

Diversification programs

Use your skills to train entrepreneurs within smallholder coffee communities to diversify their product. Passionate gardeners can teach sustainable vegetable growing practices; construction crews can build a new schoolroom, house, or clinic; photographers can teach camera operating skills to aspiring teens. Coffee growing has an off-season and diversification is imperative to improving quality of life.



• Market research and social media
• Grant writing
• Shipping department

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