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Matt Matt Hanish

Masters in Accounting and Business with over 15 years experience in financial consulting.

Favorite Phrase
  Carpe Diem and Isaiah 40:31understand how to use it appropriately.
Fantasy Travel Destination   Australia and New Zealand
Coffee Preference   Strong and black!

Strange &
Unusual Hobbies
  I can tap dance!

Emily Emily Cargill

Global Studies and Spanish major with six years experience in the coffee industry.

Favorite Phrase   “Tongue and cheek.” I still don’t entirely understand how to use it appropriately.
Fantasy Travel Destinations   Biking across Scotland, sailing in the Balkans, kayaking through the fjords of Norway and Sweden, and climbing in Argentina.
Coffee Preference   Light roast Ethiopian, french press, black. Mmmm!

Strange &
Unusual Hobbies
  Biking slowly, climbing, sewing, DIY projects, reading strangers’ blogs, and running with 5 finger shoes (always get double takes).

Sarah Sarah Baptiste

Masters in Non-profit management with over 8 years experience in the non-profit sector.

Favorite Phrase   “For seriousness”
Fantasy Travel Destination   Brazil
Coffee Preference   Iced with vanilla and cream

Strange &
Unsusual Hobbies
  Organizing my house

Bhavin Bhavin Trivedi
Project Coordinator - Nicaragua

MBA from University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and undergrad from Rutgers University in Industrial Engineering. Lots of years of work and jack of many trades, master of none.

Favorite Phrase   “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -.
I took the one less traveled by.
And that has made all the difference.”
Fantasy Travel Destination   Karakoram Mountains by bus, Australian Outback by dune buggy, New Zealand by RV and Mongolia by train.
Coffee Preference   Strong dark roast with cream.

Strange &
Unsusual Hobbies
  Read the Weddings and Celebrations section first in The New York Times every Sunday.