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    Inequality has a deep-rooted and complex history throughout Latin America. Race, gender, and geography can decide one’s fate before they are even born.

"Latin America is highly unequal with respect to incomes, and also exhibits unequal access to education, health, water and electricity, as well as huge disparities in voice, assets and opportunities. This inequality slows the pace of poverty reduction, and undermines the development process itself."

The richest one-tenth of the population of Latin America and the Caribbean earn 48 percent of total income, while the poorest tenth earn only 1.6 percent. One strongly supported countermeasure is ‘to encourage sound fiscal institutions in order to facilitate saving in good times to enhance access by the poor to social safety nets and credit in bad times. It also includes building sound financial and legal institutions that would make it easier for entrepreneurs to set up small businesses in the formal sector, and protect the property rights of small-scale growers, which, in turn, helps them gain access to credit.’

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